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Can chiropractic care magnify sports performance? Do gymnasts administered by chiropractors achieve distinct performance benefits from distinct therapy methods and/or objectives? According to Thomas Gehrmann, these questions have been requested sporadically in chiropractic and chiropractic related advertisements and articles, and even less frequently have explanations been postulated.

Nevertheless, it is not surprising that three-quarters of all pro-level coaches suggest their players to chiropractors. And an approximated 90% of world-class players in all sports seek chiropractic care to recover from and prevent injuries, as well as to maximize their performance.

Thomas Gehrmann shares some of the benefits related to sports performance using Chiropractic Care.

1. Increased Reaction Time

Various researchers have found that chiropractic has a decisive impact on reaction time, improving players react more promptly to their contestant’s activities. For example, one research issued in the journal Trials included 120 special-operation military personnel, individuals with remarkably dynamic roles. After just one session, the participants acquiring chiropractic care were capable to complete a complicated whole-body motor response task in a more limited time.

2. Reduce Usage of Drugs and Medication

Players who are under pressure to perform may expose themselves to taking added medicine than they are filled with. While medicine and conventional therapeutic appointments are important after some injuries, several players prefer to withdraw medication whenever feasible. In situations like these, chiropractic care may present a cure without drugs or invasive therapies. It is advisable by the chiropractor, Thomas Gehrmann to use chiropractic care as a supplement or a dilemma instead of traditional medication.

3. Undo Damage to the Body

Great appearance maintains a prolonged direction toward enhancing your play and limiting damages from sports. Inadequate blemishes in the alliance of your spine can compound petite obstacles in your body, altering insignificant errors into major problems. A chiropractor can benefit correct alliance difficulties and enhance your overall sports performance.

4. Sports Performance Recovery

Even if your sports performance or efforts don’t result in damage, they can still take a lot out of you says Thomas Gehrmann. Your body is approximately forever in some sort of recovery, and as with injury prevention, proper spinal and joint alliances improve the efficacy of the process. Nevertheless, spinal administration isn’t all that chiropractic offers. It’s efficient at healing alliance and dodging annoyances within the body, and other treatments complement the effectiveness of your adjustments, too. Massage, cryotherapy, and electrical stimulation can each contribute to faster healing and recovery.

5. More Accelerated Recovery from Concussions

Concussions and their consequent neck pain are a significant concern for players, with the Brain Injury Research Institute predicting that as many as 3.8 million recreation-related concussions transpire each year within the United States alone. Whitelaw and his team have found that chiropractic helps diminish the player’s rehabilitation time from this variety of Injuries.


Tom Gehrmann has also been a licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado since the fall of 1999. For more information visit his website .

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