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Tom Gehrmann is one of the major chiropractors of Colorado Springs, CO. He provides different chiropractic services to the clients with sports injury treatment. The doctor has completed a training program in sports injury treatment and has actually provided sports injury services to many professional athletes. Tom Gehrmann is dedicated to help the Colorado Springs region citizens who understand the value of their health and who want a chiropractic doctor to provide peace of mind to them.

Today Tom Gehrmann handles his own chiropractic clinic in Colorado Springs with top-notch rehab, chiropractic and dietary services clinic. The massage treatment is also offered in the health center. There is a well skilled personnel in the medical facility to offer numerous chiropractic services. Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic is one of the renowned chiropractic centers of Colorado Springs, CO.

Individuals can pay the bills by utilizing various payment alternatives. One can utilize MasterCard or visa to pay the bill in the health center. Hence, numerous chiropractic practitioners in Colorado Springs, CO supply high quality chiropractic services to the citizens of this location. He provides numerous chiropractic services to the patients with sports injury treatment.

Tom Gehrmann Chiropractic is one of the prominent chiropractic centers of Colorado. Numerous chiropractic services of the health center include internal x-ray service, personal treatment strategies, ultrasound therapy, hot/cold treatment, trigger point therapy and rehab services. Hence, many chiropractors in Colorado Springs, CO provide leading quality chiropractic services to the citizens of this location.

ABOUT TOM GEHRMANN from Colorado Springs

Tom Gehrmann has also been a licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado since the fall of 1999. For more information visit his website at

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