subluxationThink of the flickering light example. When the wire that is powering that light is running smoothly, unkinked, then the light is bright. If the wire is bent or contorted in any way, the light may flicker. This is exactly what happens when the nerves are blocked or contorted. Just as the light likely flickers from the wire, pain is likely experience from blocked nerves. At Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic, our all-natural approach to spinal adjustments and subluxation recovery offers a focused treatment plan for each person, and depending on your condition, our treatments have the potential of helping you restore your health and prevent the need for more dangerous and invasive treatments.

Our goal is to remove the possible interference and help restore your health naturally. When you feel better, you think more clearly because your pain is relieved. A vertebral subluxation complex (subluxation) is when the vertebrae are out of alignment. You may be able to feel this, just by placing your hand on the middle and/or lower back. A person may even feel a vertebra out of alignment in the back of your neck.

All of your organs are supplied by these nerves and blood vessels! Internal health is directly related to the health of your nerves!

Your spine is composed of vertebrae that are connected to nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. What do you think happens when those vertebrae are out of place? The structures that are connected to the nerves, or in close proximity, are also affected. Many times these areas are adversely affected which causes pain in unusual areas and ultimately causes a snowball effect that has the potential of traveling throughout the entire body.


The spine houses the body’s nerves. When trauma occurs, either by daily stressors or from larger accidents, impeded nerve flow may result. An impinged nerve could be blocking the function of the organs, and this can cause several other sever health conditions.

Are you experiencing a problem with your internal systems? It could be related to vertebrae being misaligned. The nervous system controls basic functions such as digestion and respiration, and it also governs higher cognitive functions like memory and intelligence. Doesn’t it make sense that your nerves need to physically flow with ease, throughout your entire body?

If nerves are blocked or damaged, long-term harm may be the result. If you’ve suffered from major trauma or from repetitive stress, rest assured that treatment is available to give your nerves the best chances to return to health and function as they should.

A Chiropractor offers an intelligent and immediate assistance for what’s going on inside the body through a thorough examination, x-rays, and physical assessment. A good chiropractor will understand the underlying condition, treat the condition at the root, and educate the patient so they also understand what could be causing the pain. When nerves are functioning optimally, the organs and muscles in the body are getting what they need.


Many times subluxations are unnoticeable, but this does not mean that they are not causing damage to the body. Subluxation has been referred to as a silent threat. At Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic, we are skilled in identifying the subluxation—whether it is causing pain or not—and treating it potentially increase health conditions and energy transmissions.

Chiropractic care aims its attention at using a focused adjustment. Most of our patients at Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic feel immediate relief after an adjustment. As the body holds its tension in certain ways, it may even guard itself from minor and major adjustments because that’s how it is comfortable even though it is misaligned

In fact, this guarding mechanism may create a build-up of fibrous tissue around the subluxation, and these impacts are experienced through daily living.However, when this fibrous tissue is relieved by a skilled chiropractor who understands the underlying cause of the issue, minor discomfort may be experienced, which is why we schedule a series of adjustments to retrain the body and create an environment for optimal healing.

Life can be stressful, answer it with chiropractic! A tried and proven method for results!

In reality, blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatic can potentially increase circulation. This will give the organs what they need to thrive. The chiropractic adjustment creates a positive and powerful ripple effect throughout the entire body, and depending on your condition, increased health and vitality are the results!