Joint Mobility Exercises

Adequate joint mobility allow us to perform a daily activities like jumping or running and also reduced chances of stiffness, aches, and even arthritis. If you are involving in exercises but still cannot reach the desired exercise goal, have control over the range of motion or you get injured quite easily. Chances are, you are more focused on flexibility than mobility.  Thomas Gehrmann-, an experienced chiropractor since the year 1999 explained that the joint has no direct supply of blood, unlike the muscles. Therefore, it relies solely on movements for proper functioning.

Let us take a look at some of the exercises Thomas Gehrmann suggested that can help improve joint mobility.

Exercises that can Improve Joint Mobility

A daily morning exercise will help increase the joint mobility, increases your performances and makes your new formed habit of exercising more fun. A good rule of thumb is to try out this exercise daily in the morning says Thomas Gehrmann. This awakens the joints that have been tensed after long hours of sleeping. Not only that, it will reduce soreness, prevent aches and make you steady and fit throughout the day.

1. Neck Circles 

Postural deficiencies such as forward- head posture can result in stiffness at the back, neck, and tension at the cervical area. Spending a lot of time behind the screen or on smartphones can give birth to this deficiency. Therefore, the more need why we need to exercise the neck region.

How to do this exercise

  • Spread your feet apart in proportional to your shoulder at an upright position.
  • Lay your arms at rest at your sides with a face in the front
  • Gently move your right ear to the right shoulder, bring it to lay on your chest
  • Bring your left ear to the left shoulder and bring it back to lay on the chest.
  • Repeat this for like 5- 10 times and then begin with the left ear to continue the process.

2. The Backstroke

Sitting all day in the office can come with a lot of discomfort. That is why these exercises are vital for health.  Backstroke is a term coined for swimming and it’s the best way of preventing slumping postures. It helps put the shoulders, joints, and arms at work.

How to do this exercise

  • Take an upright position
  • Locked the shoulders and the arms as you swing the arms in the rotation
  • Circle it backward without the torso moving along with it.
  • Try raising the biceps close to the ears without raising the shoulders.
  • Interchange accordingly with the other arms.
  • Repeating 10 – 20 times each arm should suffice.

3. Pelvic Circles

Constant sitting at the workplace or a job that entails lifting or pulling heavy objects every day can lead to a spine injury, moreover, as human age, so does the disc at the back, thereby, the lower back is susceptible to stiffness, sharp pains, stabbing sensation, and spasms. Thus, more reasons we need to exercise the pelvic joints’ says chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann

How to do this exercise.

Spread your feet apart in alignment with the shoulders

Place your arms on the hips

Stand upright while keeping your feet firmly on the ground

Start moving your hips round in a circle

Repeat this exercise 5- 10 times, change the direction and repeat.

Final Words

The body undergoes a lot and its part of the essentials to keep us on the move. Therefore, it needs to be taken care of. A single malfunctioning of the joint is a problem for the body and our life in general. These are exercises suggested by chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann to help us with the overall joint mobility and maintenance.