The big, muscular shoulder is the new sexy in the fitness world, and this can be the reason why fitness enthusiasts involved in the bench press, shoulder press, go back the following day for more shoulder workout, then turn it into a routine. If this is you, you might probably be neglecting the important part- shoulder mobility. Until pains are growing from mild to severe, an inability to stretch, move or function properly, then the need to work shoulder mobility arises. Don’t wait till all these happen, shoulder mobility is part of what you need for proper functioning and it is all part of that ‘sexy shoulder’. Here is what Thomas Gehrmann, a reputable chiropractor in Colorado Springs, has to say about your shoulder mobility and the ways to get it right.

Why shoulder mobility is important?

The shoulder, being the greatest and the most mobile human joints of the body are also the most injured part. Unlike the hip which relies on bones, the shoulders rely on tendons, muscles, and ligaments to function properly and remain mobile.

The shoulder performs different functions. It gives a range of motion to the arm and allows the strengthening of the upper body. From lifting of the arm above the head, extending the arms to the back, the importance of shoulder mobility either for practice or everyday lives cannot be overemphasized.

Not only that, if Squat is your thing in the gym, you need good shoulder mobility even though squat focuses on the lower-body movement.

Problems in the shoulders just don’t happen overnights, they develop over time. If placing your hand above your shoulders seems impossible you might be having some mobility problems.

Stability and mobility are both important and it doesn’t require much to have a mobile, happy, injury-free shoulders, here are exercises to get you on the right track.

Best exercises to increase shoulder mobility

Shoulder Car

This is a quick warm-up mobility exercise to incorporate into your routine. It improves warm-ups, develops soft-tissue to help joint movement and meets your workout demands.


Stay in a straight tall kneeling position while squeezing the fist and the gluts. This will tell you if the other part of the body isn’t involved.

Move the shoulder joint in a rotational range of motion as far as you can go. Ensure the rest of the body isn’t bending or moving.

Come back to the starting position and repeat. 3-5 reps of this exercise on each side will do.

Back to the wall

This is great either as a warm-up, in between exercises or a good way to take a break if you have been sitting, or standing for long. It can be done anywhere and it works on the upper back and shoulder mobility.


Stand against the walls with your back, heels and the back of your arm touching the wall.

Raise your arms as much as you can while ensuring they stay in 90 degrees position

Supine floor slides

This is a quick one for resting after training or workout. And a good way of increasing the shoulder range of motion


Lie on your back with knees, hips wide apart and feet on the ground

Spread your arms at a 90-degree position

Raise your arms over your head and repeat.

Return to the starting position and do 8-10 reps

Big delts, big traps with a thick neck, no! It comes with injuries and complications. Why not go for a mobile shoulder, healthy scapular, and a killer body? Says Thomas Gehrmann.

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