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Are you one of those who is dealing with back or neck pain in everyday life? Almost every third individual out of ten suffers from neck pain at work. It happens when you sit at work for long working hours in the wrong posture. To fix this problem and to avoid major complications it is necessary for you to improve your posture. Walking or sitting with the straight back not only makes you look confident but also prevent your neck and back pain.

Let’s explore ways to prevent neck pain at work with the expert Thomas Gehrmann.

1) Maintain good posture

maintain good posture to avoid neck painWhile sitting at the office desk make sure you keep your spine in a neutral position with ears exactly above your shoulders. The back should be in a straight position against the chair. To keep the angle of thigh slightly down you need to adjust the height of the chair. It will help you to allocate your lower body weight through your sit bones.


2) Consider the height of monitor and keyboard placement to avoid neck pain

keep exact height of monitor and keyboard to avoid neck pain According to expert Thomas Gehrmann, it is very important to consider the height of monitor and keyboard placement while working at work. Make sure you place your monitor at a position to prevent your neck from inclined forward. And keep the keyboard at the height which allows you to keep your arm in 90- degree position. In case the monitor is placed at a lower position, you need to lower your neck which increases tension on your spine. Similarly, if you placed a keyboard at a lower position it will lead your shoulder to more rounding position.


3) Take a small interval and stand up for a while can reduce the chances of neck pain

standup after small intervalAn individual should never restrict his body to stay in one position for a longer duration as it can cause stiffness in the internal functioning of the body. Also, it is not easy for anyone to maintain a good posture for a longer period. Therefore, it is advisable to stand up after a small interval like after an hour or so and take a small walk around. Taking small breaks and walking around will ask to keep you fresh and active throughout a day and reduce the risk of neck pain. Nowadays most individual use fitness band that comes with idle alert, which reminds you by vibrating your wrist to get up from the chair.


4) Try not to use cellphones at work

not use cellphone at workWhen we use our cellphones we bend our spine to message at the workplace. Therefore, according to experts, we should avoid using cellphones at work. It not only distract us from work but also make you bend again and again towards the touchscreen of your phone. Bending down towards phone affect your spinal and shoulder to a great extent. So it is advisable not to use cellphones much at a workplace and keep your back in a straight position while working.


Bottom Line

So these are the few best tips from the expert chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann to avoid neck pain and back pain at work. These tips will not only help you to improve your posture but also help you to stay physically fit. Also, remember your body weight plays a key role in improving your posture. Overweight people find more difficulty in maintains a correct posture which led to increasing lower back pain. Therefore, while fixing a posture make sure you maintain accurate body weight as well.

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