why chiropractic worksDepending on your condition, discomfort from a spinal adjustment is seldom felt. In fact, many patients have reported a sense of relief as a result of the chiropractic adjustment, which we see as a positive improvement to their symptoms shortly after receiving care. If discomfort arises, they pressure typically resolves within a matter of days under most circumstances. Optimal results are reliant on the patients’ conditions and number of adjustments received over multiple chiropractic visits. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, the care plan may also include massage and functional restoration exercises.

If your pain has a musculoskeletal origin, our chiropractors have the experience necessary to distinguish the root cause of discomfort and treat it through a series of adjustments to help you find relief under normal conditions. At Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic, our experience is in finding the cause of this pain. Our focused, hands-on approach is intended on providing pain relief for most spinal subluxation conditions.

At Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic, our thorough and efficient chiropractic care offers a personalized plan for your health. Although every human body has similar equipment, none are identical, and not all bodies feel the same type of pain relief. Nonetheless, our top priority is to help our patients experience pain relief for many of the conditions from which they are feeling pain.

In reality, even minor trauma can painfully interfere with bodily processes!

Tension builds to pain and your body may hold stress patterns that carry tension. The resulting pain complex is frequently caused by auto accidents (major trauma). Additionally, the pain causation spectrum for repetitive (minor) trauma is frequently caused by computer work.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is designed to target this pain and allow the body to heal through accurate adjustments to the central nervous system. In fact, most people feel good when pain is removed. At Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic, we are skilled in identifying spinal misalignments, the source of pain, and addressing it through a series of spinal adjustments with one goal in mind: pain relief.

chiropractic care

When stress is held in your body, it causes tension, and tension creates pain. Many are surprised to learn that this tension in the muscles and other areas of the musculoskeletal system is one cause of pushing the vertebrae out of alignment. Because the same body position or action that is causing the pain is being continually performed, the muscles learn this and continue even when a person is no longer performing this action. Our job at Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic is help your body “unlearn” these type of stress and tension patterns that have caused pain for so long.